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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids today pack quite a punch. Small, wireless, and discreet, these tiny devices can hook up to your phones, your doorbells, and even the internet. This feature allows you to stream music wirelessly to your ears or take phone calls. We also offer automatically adjusting devices. These adjust to your environment and change their settings accordingly, letting you relax and enjoy the amazing sound hearing aids bring you.


There’s also no more squealing or irritation. Older hearing aids sent sound down a tube which then reached your ear. New hearing aids have the speaker directly inside your ear allowing for better sound and more comfort. Also called RIC’s, this style of hearing aid is extremely versatile and can be fit, adjusted for sound and fit right in our office without and delay.

Hearing aid

Molded hearing aids are molded to the shape of your ear and allow for the utmost comfort. These devices are inserted entirely into your ear without anything behind the ears. This is a great option from someone who has power needs, issues with low and mid frequency hearing loss, or someone who likes to have nothing behind their ears.


Some hearing aids are designed to be extremely water and dirt resistant.

Hearing aid line up

Hearing Aid Technology

We believe it is important to stay ahead of the latest trends and technology in the hearing industry so we can continue to provide our patients with the expert care they deserve. We attend trainings on the latest hearing aid technology so we can continue to offer you the best possible hearing healthcare experience.


We are excited to offer the newest hearing aid technology from Signia: The Signia AX. The Signia AX will change the way you hear the world by using augmented hearing. With a revolutionary split processing chip, the Signia AX uses two independent processors to help you hear better, even in the most complex listening environments. Sounds will be crisper and clearer while background noise is kept in the background.


Try the Signia AX for yourself.

Signia AX hearing aid


Several hearing aid options are available, depending on your needs.

CIC hearing aids


The smallest hearing aid on the market. It’s available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology. It will accommodate mild to moderate hearing loss.

ITC hearing aids


This is slightly bigger than the CIC and is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology. It will accommodate mild to moderate hearing loss.

ITE hearing aids


This is one of the more flexible hearing aids to fit. It can accommodate hearing loss from mild to profound. It is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology.

BTE hearing aids


This is one of the more flexible hearing aids to fit. It can accommodate hearing loss from mild to profound. It is available in digital, programmable, and conventional technology.

BTE hearing aids


hearing aids are reliable and convenient. These have a lightweight feel to them and a flexible fit.

Hearing Aid Brands

We carry all brands with a proven track record. We don’t use our patients as guinea pigs. We also offer the most products and have no contracts to offer just one manufacturer allowing us to fit our patients with something we know works and something that works well. As we carry most major brands of hearing aids, the sky is the limit. Most of the companies we offer have rechargeable options as well as wireless capabilities. Our ReSound hearing aids can even be adjusted by our providers remotely or from the comfort of your home, giving us even more access to our patients and allow you more flexibility.

We work closely with each patient to determine what the best style and options are to meet their needs.

Repair and Maintenance

After you are fit for hearing aids, we will schedule a few follow-up visits to make sure you are doing well and are happy with your new hearing aids. We encourage our patients to visit us twice a year after the initial fitting and follow ups so that we can deeply clean their hearing devices and do some fine tuning. This ensures that the hearing aids are working properly and that your investment lasts for a long time.

Audiologist repairing hearing aids
Hearing aid batteries

Zinc Batteries

Batteries no longer contain mercury, but rather zinc. Zinc needs to react with the oxygen in the air to be able to charge up and activate your battery. This is why hearing aid batteries have stickers on them. When you remove the sticker the zinc in the battery reacts with the oxygen in the air which you have allowed to reach the zinc by taking off the sticker or “tab” on the battery exposing tiny air holes.

Life-Changing Innovation from Oticon

Oticon Intent hearing aids

Oticon IntentTM

Facing the daily challenge of hearing conversations in noisy environments can be difficult for individuals with hearing loss. Traditional hearing aids understand sound, but not you. Oticon IntentTM is the first hearing aid that understands what you want to listen to.

Using revolutionary BrainHearingTM technology, Oticon IntentTM uses your movements, the environment, and the conversation around you to recognize what you want and need to listen to, adapting seamlessly to deliver truly personalized support. With Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable power, Oticon IntentTM offers life-changing benefits.*

Benefits of Oticon IntentTM:

  • Clarity: Hear more clearly, stay more engaged, and enjoy life fully
  • Confidence: Feel confident in every moment, from navigating the room to talking with a group of friends
  • Cognition: Helps keep your mind focused, alert, and engaged with what matters most

*Expected use time for rechargeable battery depends on use pattern, active feature set, hearing loss, sound environments, battery age and wireless accessories.

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